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About Us


We offer fixed 4G broadband Internet services under the brand name synKro™ providing an affordable, outstanding user experience. Rural JetNet empowers the user to personalize their broadband Internet solution - no bundles, no contracts, and no Internet data limits!

Rural JetNet has partnered with LocaLoop, Inc. with a common goal to offer broadband Internet services to a majority of the residents in the Paris, IL. and Marshall, IL area. SyynKro's™ 4G network complements Rural JetNet's service and increases the broadband coverage in the territory.

Rural JetNet , Inc., is partnered with LocaLoop, Inc. and is the first 4G Service Provider Company in America created exclusively for the advancement, management and deployment of affordable wireless broadband Internet services in rural and underserved communities throughout America. It is made possible by combining synKro™ and Rural JetNet Inc.'s proprietary, patented technology with proven standard 4G hardware.

Rural JetNet is located in  Mattoon,IL. Our email and we can be reach via phone at (844) 753-8638.